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  1. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (

    An advanced JavaScript course for everyone! Scope, closures, prototypes, 'this', build your own framework, and more. [...]

  2. Eloquent JavaScript (

    Eloquent JavaScript goes beyond the cut-and-paste scripts of the recipe books and teaches you to write code that's elegant and effective. You'll start [...]

  3. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (

    Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition uses practical examples to clearly illustrate each core concept and technique. This completely revised [...]

  4. Head First JavaScript Programming (

    We think of a Head First Reader as a Learner Learning isn't something that just happens to you. It's something you do. You can't learn without pumpin [...]

  5. JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS, v2 (

    A deep dive into JavaScript and functional programming techniques, this course is for beginner to intermediate JavaScript developers who want to learn [...]

  6. Advanced JavaScript (

    I'm not good at writing sales copy, just trust me that if you use JavaScript in any capacity, there's probably not another resource that will benefit [...]

  7. Deep JavaScript Foundations (

    Dive into the core pillars of the JavaScript language with Kyle Simpson, author of the popular, You Don't Know JS, book series. You'll learn JavaScrip [...]